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A robot designed for teachers, researchers, engineers and legacy system developers who need to front real-world applications and robotics projects with a digital face.

Designed to fit digital life, bringing data and processing to the point of human contact.

It's a host computer, it's a web server, it has GigaHertz or processing power, Gigabytes of Ram and 100's of Gigabyes of hard drive space...have fun!

914 PC-BOT Development Environments

914 Extreme PC-BOT Windows .NET version

There are five PC-BOT components for Visual Studio 2005. Drive, Messages, Sensors, M3, and ToolBar. A Visual Studio Developer can drag and drop these components in to any Windows forms project. The developer may write their code in any of the .NET supported languages (Visual Basic, C#, J#, C++).

914 PC-BOT Linux Player/Stage

Player is a network server for robot control. Installed on your robot, Player provides an elegant and simple interface to the robot's sensors and actuators over IP networks. The Player server software provides an abstract interface to multiple robotic devices, including mobile robot bases, sensors, etc as well as your 914 PC-BOT.

3rd Party Applications

That's not it, there are also additional applications that can be found on the PC-BOT community site such as B.R.A.I.N. (Beginners Robot Application Interface & Network).

About PC-BOTs

Traditional mobile robots tend to fall into two camps - small, inexpensive platforms that require a host computer in order to program them - or - they are expensive and proprietary. These mobile robotics platforms are typified as automated toys running simple download programs performing repetitive and/or single applications to proprietary units performing relatively complex programs or jobs.

While all these units fit the scientific definition of a robot, they fall short of fitting the average person's mental picture of what a robot should be.

The 914 PC-BOT, by comparison, is a Personal Computer complete with inputs for keyboard, monitor and mouse. It is also visually stunning unit designed to evoke a natural attraction and engineered to meet the average person's idea of what a robot should look like. Not only that, the 914 PC-BOT is presented to the market as a richly featured researchers, advanced-technology teachers or system developers, robot engineered out of industry standard hardware and industry standard software.

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