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Frequently Asked Questions

The screen of my Extreme 914 PC-BOT went blank all of a sudden, and I can't get my screen back.
Due to iGoLogic power saving feature, the video output may need to be re-established after the robot was run without a monitor. Press CTRL + ALT + F1 after Windows (the Desktop) loads completely to get the display back.

My PC-BOT keeps re-starting after auto-shutdown.
Verify that your jumpers on the M2-ATX power supplies are in the correct location: Jumper on the Mini-ITX M2-ATX power supply should be in position A (power supply is located on the left side of the fold down bay) and there should be NO jumper on the Peripherals M2-ATX power supply (located on the right side of the fold down bay). After auto-shutdown, make sure to plug in the charger and turn off the robot to allow the batteries to fully recharge before turning the robot back ON.

What is the M3 device called in Windows?
Under device manager, the M3 device creates the following components: Ports (COM & LPT) - USB Serial Port, Universal Serial Bus Controllers - USB Serial Converter.

What are the three switches on my PC-BOT?
A red switch is for the main power, a green switch is for the M3 (Machine Management Module) power, and the toggle switch is for the CPU reset and power.

I want to power my PC-BOT continuously.
An external power supply can be purchased from Mini-Box.

On the back of my PC-BOT, there is a plug for a charger and a plug for an external power supply. What is the difference?
The plug for a charger is for the supplied charger that came with your PC-BOT. The plug for the external power supply is for the optional external power supply that can be purchased from Mini-Box. When using the external power supply, the user can power their robot indefinitely, but the charger will still be required to recharge the batteries.

Three IR sensors in 5 ¼" bay that looks like a beak, what are they for?
The sensors are for drop detection. Drop detection can include obstables such as staircases and holes.

What is the drop-off setting in .NET component?
The drop-off setting relates to the robot's perceived distance to the floor. This value will need to be changed slightly depending on the floor type and color the robot will be operating in.

Still can't find an answer to your question?
You can also check Forums and FAQ in 914 PC-BOT community site.

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