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Visual Studio .NET Component

.NET PC-BOT User Manual

.NET Component Technical Manual

Setup Files:

If the Operating System becomes corrupted or needs to be re-installed, then the following will need to be installed also.


M3 Drivers

screen Visual Studio Express (see user manual above for info)

For existing robots originally shipped with BRIAN

Follow these instructions for either replacing BRIAN or using the new .NET components with BRIAN

Recommended, but not required: Replacing your custom M3 drivers with generic FTDI drivers. You will need to erase the EEPROM on the M3 controller for these generic FTDI drivers to work. Follow these instruction to do this and download this ZIP file for the software and drivers. Generic FTDI drivers will allow the Windows OS to detect the M3 device as well as Linux OS incase you want to dual boot your robot or switch between them.

Technical Specifications:

Wiring and Power (v 1.1)

I/O Board Block Diagram (v 1.1)

Infra-red Sensors (v 1.2)

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